HACK FACEBOOK WITH SIMPLE LINK!……..YOU CAN HACK ANY ONE with  simple  link provied!!

here we go with process:

1.visit the link provied-http://z-shadow.co/home


2.click on the z-shadow.us


3.and now you register here….with your gmail……or facebook!!

4.so…after registering you will re-directed to login page home!

5.then here you will see a interfecae  like as follows!!1


6.now here you can see the word like “pool” and click on (ENGLISH)and copy the link ….

7.send the link to the victim you want to hack!!

8.ask the victim to open the link….tell the victim that its some kind of a game and ask him to select the coins visble there….like 500,1000….

9.the very next it asks him to login with fb account on the same page!!!

10.as soon as he logins into that ..you will get his “USER NAME'{PASSWORD]

11.you go to my victims……and check out there………….

12…HERE THE FISH!!!…..you can seee his username and password


hahahaha……task done……….

recomended(better open the site in pc …..)

or u can  open in mobile by keeeping the browsing settings in desktop mode

LETS…show some pity…..ask him to change the password…….tooooo…avoid hacking from u !!!!!!

plaese share it …..and leave with a comment




4 thoughts on “Fab-Hack!

    • yup…simple !! dont click on tthe anonymous links!and if you r confused just copy the link and paste it in the google images you will get to know what it is!


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