2016 is almost over in a week and it saw a lot of great additions in the smartphone department.

From Apple to Xiaomi, all of the world’s phone brands launched the best they had, to become the top seller in the market.

Here are the 9 best smartphones of 2016 that broke all records.

1. Redmi Note 3

Xiaomi’s highest selling phone, this guy became one of the most popular gadgets in 2016 in India.xiaomi-redmi-4-7591

2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

With the new dual-camera setup and the sexy Black color variants, iPhone is back in the flagship game.iphone6

3. Samsung Galaxy Note7

If it weren’t for the minor inconvenience, the Note7 had the potential of becoming the best phone Samsung has ever produced.


4. LeEco Le 2

This phone broke sales records by becoming one of the most affordable premium smartphones you could buy.leeco-le-max-2-3

5. OnePlus 3

OnePlus made a huge comeback after the dud that was OnePlus 2.


6. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

With a great camera and improved software, the S7 Edge brought back Samsung on top of the Android ladder.


7. Google Pixel

Google, with the Pixel, made sure that buyers and competitors took the brand seriously when it comes to top notch hardware.


8. ASUS Zenfone Max

The best battery backup and a solid phone are all you need to last a couple of days.


Dont be a noob any more share let us know what the world decides!



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