Hey there this is Rajesh Aatrayan back to u’h with Arcai.com’s Net cut

So being too stupidious(sometimes)we want to hack or grab some ones info…

there were several methods to dat and this wifi plays vital role….

so we all aware of this apk called wifi kill …the thing is that it only works with 32bit

now we people are using 64 bit smart phones in which wifi kill wont work properly and come out with a message like (pop-loop failed)

So,guys here we gonna kick it out and let us see what this Arcai.com’s Net cut configires:smallui

it works perfect with root*acess and jio users should awe because you can increase or decrease the jio hotspots speed you can jail it* you can kill the wifi* 100% working efficiency!


so since it is a third party application you may not find it google playstore so better go through GOOGLE

SO,thats it for now guys download the apk and have a trial.if u wont find the apk you can comment below ill sen u the link

So,hope u given a useful geek info..plz hit like and share!


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