Hey there this is Rajesh Aatrayan back to u’h with Top 12 Android Hacking apps

So,due to the tym lag i haven’t tested one so you can check it out as i will be doing it so all the url are mentioned below for the targeted apk and remember some of them must required root*acesss

As we all know hacking and pen testing is only can be done on computers. But now the world is changing now your mobile is small hacking toolkit using these apps. Apart from the normal mobile user, techie guys also like its flexible features that allows them to do various new task. As with this its security concerns also headed up. Recently we have noted that many of the cyber hackers are targeting Android users. There are many techie guys have also unrestricted the features that are restricted by its owners, Google. So I think the below words are familiar to them but many of them have not been aware. Here I am discussing some of the Apps that are meant for the Security tester, Ethical hacker and for those guys who really explore the tech world.andosid

1.Hackode: Download it from Google play

2.Androrat: http://onhax.net/androrat

3.Apkinspector: http://www.kitploit.com/2013/12/apkin…


5.Burp Suite:http://downloadapkgratis.com/fullversion/burp-suite-professional-edition-v1-6-09-p2p.html

6.Zanti: http://onhax.net/csploit


8.Dsploit: http://onhax.net/dsploit-apk-is-here

9.Arpspoof: arpspoof:https://m.aptoide.com/app/net.rclemons.arpspoof/arpspoof

10.Shark for root: http://www.apk20.com/apk/94925/

11.Nmap for android: http://forum.digitaljanta.com/threads…

12.sshdroid: http://m.hiapphere.com/apk-berserker…

So thats it for now!

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