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It has been very long time u’h hear from me r8?

Yes,sorry for that!

And today i am giving you the best key logger ever.it is very difficult to find any *Keylogger on the internet or google what ever it is.


So,ladies and gentle man this is your Aatrayan back to u with a bloody spy ie.. our Keylogger.

Yes iam giving you the link below you can download from there



2.Should disable antivirus while installation;

3.should disable windows defender(if needed);

Enjoy spying;



Download the keylogger and install it in your pc;

Password for zip file :2017;

Please dunna hesitate to comment below if you have any queries regarding it;

Share the content to u r frns if u felt it is useful;




Cool Pad Note 3 Lite Stock rom~unbrick process

HEY THERE! this is  Aatrayan Welcome Back to H4XOR…..

We are working to make things easy for you FOLKS

I have made this for one of my friend to help him out in flashing the stock rom and unbricking the device from the boot loop.

HERE we go with the process….

2017-03-12 18_10_36-Download Coolpad Note 3 Lite Stock Firmware ROM (Flash File)


here you go:https://docs.google.com/ucid=0B43EsLjJbGsMTzBWQkFtbWVfUUE

then you will come with a message like :as given in the image2016-08-11_195808_zpsgdlzaowo

then disconnect your phone from pc and power it on …

Here the game starts it stucks at booting asking you to press power up or buttom button

Now download the adb tools from the given below link and install into your pc and connect u r mobile to pc & follow the given commands in the cmd appear on u r screen



if you done with this follow the second command


Thats it guys you are all set now enjoy the cool flick by cool pad

hope this useful for those who waste a lot of time on this freaking loop stuck

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Hey There! Welcome Back to H4xor .

Today We Gonna See The Best Websites Ever .

Remember FOLKS Those Websites Are Still Existing…

I Suggest you to go through them and iam damn sure that you will like them by sure..

With out any Further Due lets get started….

RANK:1  norsecorp.com


And believe me it is the only website which will show you LIVE attacks of hacking across the world.

it enables you to zoom-in and check  the content ….

You must try this for once even

here you go:http://map.norsecorp.com/

RANK:2 hackertyper.com

maxresdefaultAnd it is such a freaky web-site ever i visited

it allows you type anything from the keyboard randomly and converts it to the  random coding

seems incredible right?  Its just like what we see in HOLLYWOOD movies (lol)

type what ever you want and hit->alt button two times to get the “ACESS GRANTED” message

dont stuck at view hit the link below

here you go:http://hackertyper.com/

RANK:3 10minutemail.com


WE all aware of spammers around and we feel strange to provide our mail -id

so this 10 MIN mail provides us very good plat form to get that rid off

it provides the user with a temproray mail id so that you can provide to anyone whose life time is only just 10 min/-

you will be getting the inbox messages over there in the same page

so give a try from here:https://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html?dswid=-1239

RANK:4 youtube.com/TV


WE all have been using youtube for years

but this youtube/tv is the new interface one must try

it provides all the user friendly interfaces which any website wont provide .So just quit the youtube tab new in u r pc and go for it for once atleast

here you go:https://www.youtube.com/TV#/browse-sets?c=default&resume

RANK:5 gtmetrix.com


GTmetrix it is a aweful website which allows the user to find why any website lags in loading while we surf anything in any kind of browser

enter the url of the site you wanted to test and hit enter

you will be given with all details for the particular website yo wanted to know

here you go:https://gtmetrix.com/

RANK:6 apps.evozi.com


This might be knowing to all of us but still reminding you that it is existing :p

this evozi allows the user to download any apk from the pc itself for their android

just go to the play-store copy the link of the app you wanted to download and paste it over here thats it the app you wanted can be download

copy into your phone and enjoy!

her you go:https://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/

RANK:7 thenewboston.com


THE newboston.com used by all the professionals to get free tutorials for any fields like





What not …you can give a try if u havent tried till once

here you go:https://thenewboston.com/index.php

RANK:8 archive.org


IT is the website which allows the user to see the history of any website which is trending all over the world

just open the website and enter the website name of which you wanted to know anout.

since it is illegal kind of activity it is blocked in some countries just any new vpn give try for it

here you go:http://archive.org/

RANK:9 kickassapp.com


KICK ASS.COM the name itself indicates the utility of the website open kickass.com and book mark the website into your bookmark bar

Now go to any website you want and click on the kick asss bookmark u done b4;

thats it you can destroy the website with your mighty folks


here you go:http://kickassapp.com/

RANK:10 www.liveatc.net


Last but not least LIVE ATC its mighty website which allows the user to here the airtraffic controls around the world going on at that instant of time

go to the website and select the any station you like and tune to it:

here you go:https://www.liveatc.net/

I Have visited and using all the websites  i have mentioned above;

These are the 10 wibsites which makes me feel like AWE;

I recommend you go for them and enjoy the flick;

i will be back to you with an intersting topic again;

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Hola….! This Is Aatrayan Back to u’h with mod apk’s

We all have been using Jio and all open wifi’s but of tedious speed here we go with some application too boost our Internet speed for Jio and for all wifi net works

You can have a try with your College wifi(:-)lol!!!

trust me you will be getting unestimated speed with these applications…..

and these specially modified with “LVL Emulation”and you will getting all the”VIP” servers.1481949959_master



Unlimited Downloads With Ps!phon

Do we get unlimited downloads using psiphon?

Can we Download Anything Using *Psiphon?

Hey guys welcome to my page H4xor…I have gone through psiphon-3

and i have came through many thing.

if we want download anything using IDM or Psiphon we cant with Psiphon becz of some proxy setting and all.

SO i let u know how to bypass and get unlimited downloads!

so open idm

there u will find options<proxy/socks<click on use proxy & get from IE* and hit ok

thats it  will grab all the downloads and u can download anything into your pc.

So feel free to ask me how to download movies using TORRENTS


how to get torrent files to IDM.

Support me and share this if you found something useful.




Does it sounds alien?

Oh common………..It acts as a very powerful tool KEEPING THE WEBWORLD-WIDE……

It acts as very powerful surf tuner

i really experienced guys i especiall mentioning becz it has released new aniversary update and it is working quite good than the previous versionpsiphon-for-pc-download

SO  quite  kul r8! yup it is……..

As mentioned it has around 10-20 countries to connect the fastest “PROXY”

But bit lagging in downloading part…..i know it was pity…Hope dey release new update for that

<<<<<<<<<<<<<keep surfing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

this is your aatrayan!if you like it plz sahre!